Digital Campaign Results in 1.4 Million-Piece Order

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About the client

This case study is based on a consumer product that went from a test on to being in all US stores. Showing positive results on, this study serves as a guidepost for digital campaigns for clients wishing to get into Walmart retail stores.


To ensure the success of our client through expanding their product offerings at Walmart


Our client was selling a food CPG (consumer packaged goods) directly to consumers. When expanding to, the client wanted
to support their efforts with digital campaigns to boost online sales and prove consumer demand was high.


We managed media for this client through expanding existing outlets and introducing new retail outlets. Strategic focus on segmented digital advertising that targets core Walmart e-commerce shoppers looking for specific products.


This strategy gained our client access to sell products through a much larger outlet than they had before. Gains included a 62% increase in ecommerce sales— a dramatic impact on the success of this product.

Since the digital test ended, Walmart has committed to taking 1,400,000 unit order
from our client. Such a high volume commitment is very rare for this product. This result shows the success of our marketing focus, and as a result, the new relationship between Walmart and our client.

More recently, Walmart has made a major commitment to this product based on our media results and our ability to support sales of this product at US Walmarts.

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